Apply in Kuopio

Step 1:
Register by
May 10, 2021

How to register?

What kind of ideas are suitable?

  • It can be a new product, service, app, business model etc.
  • We don’t accept ideas that are being developed for an existing company.
  • Best ideas are realistic.
  • Take a look at the ideas of previous teams.

Who can participate?

    • Teams that have at least two members can apply.
    • At least one team member must be a student, alumni, staff or faculty member of Savonia UAS, UEF or Savo Consortium for Education.

Step 2: Present
your idea to the online board on May 27, 2021.

Steps to follow

  • Teams with the most feasible ideas will be pre-selected to present their idea to the Draft Sparring Board.
  • Selected teams will be informed of how to book the session for the board. Note that May 2021 presentations will be carried out online (Teams)! Link and instructions will be sent before the presentation day.
  • Fill in the Team Information Form and return it signed before your presentation to:
  • Prepare a 5 minute presentation using the Presentation Template. You can make the presentation look like your own, but please don’t change the order of the slides.
  • To minimize technical problems, you can record your presentation beforehand, and send us the the link which can be used for the presentation. The preferred way, however, is a presentation on the spot.
  • Remember to arrive on location on time.
  • You have exactly 5 minutes time to present your idea and 10 minutes after that to talk with the sparring board.
  • You will be notified whether you’ll receive funding by the following Monday.

Selection criteria

Draft judges will evaluate all ideas and teams using the three following criteria:
  • Who cares? Is there a real need for this idea? How big is the need?
  • Will you be able to deliver? How convincingly does the idea address the need? Short-term and long-term plans.
  • Is it worth it? Is it possible to build profitable or sustainable business out of the idea?

Tips for the presentation

  • Use images and illustrations in your slides, not text.
  • Slides and speech should complement each other.
  • Practice your presentation several times, for the 5 min time limit is absolute.
  • With every slide, try to offer some evidence to support your message.
  • If you already have a demo or a prototype, you can take it with you if possible.
  • Think in advance what kind of questions the board might ask and include answers to these questions to your presentation.
  • If members of the board can google a similar or better version of your idea during the presentation and you didn’t mention those ideas in the presentation, then it means that you didn’t prepare well.
  • After you’ve finished your 5 minute presentation, focus on listening what the board has to say.


Is your team already in the Draft Program?

Apply for next round funding by presenting your plans to Draft Board in connection with the next Draft application dates.

How to apply for next round funding?

  • Inform us about your plans to apply for next round funding:
  • Also reserve your time slot in front of the board for the application day.
  • Fill in the Team Information Form for Next Round and return it signed before your presentation.
  • Prepare a short (3 minutes) presentation using the Presentation Template. You can make the presentation look like your own, but please don’t change the order of the slides.