Spring 2015

During spring 2015 Draft application days 23.-24.4.2014 31 teams presented their projects. 12 teams were selected.

Case Tolppa

A new technology and software-based solution for ice hockey shooting training. Big aim is to boost junior-level motivation for training.


Juuso Oinonen (Karelia UAS), Jiri Jormakka ja Harri Nuutinen

LiDAR in road maintenance – end user feedback


Good quality roads are necessary for the smooth transportation of resources and vehicles. In the case of forest roads, they play an important role in several forest operations, they enable forest management, provide harvesters and processing machinery with easy access to lumbering sites, improve the availability of forest resources and allow the transportation of harvested timber to processing units and places of use. However, maintenance is needed to keep the roads in good condition.

Based on recent research in the University of Eastern Finland, LiDAR data could provide an easier, faster and cheaper way to locate problematic places on the roads without spending significant time for field inventories that demand time and money.

Research has been done in the measurement of the road surface quality with LiDAR. Service quality indicators, such as structural condition, seasonal damage, drainage condition, bridges, surface wear, visibility, coppicing and flatness indicators, can be calculated to classify the road conditions and target maintenance work.

The goal of this project is to link the research results to the road maintenance operators in other European countries (as Spain, Portugal or France) and learn about their needs in terms of road maintenance (for example, in Mediterranean countries they may need the roads in good condition for fire management purposes), some results could be presented to the local potential users in these countries and get new research or business projects based on the results made in the University of Eastern Finland.


Timo Tokola, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Timo is currently a Finnish professor of Forest Information Technology and Systems in Faculty of Forestry, University of Eastern Finland (UEF).

Katalin Kiss, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Katalin is a Hungarian PhD student at the UEF, Faculty of Forestry. She has a background in GIS (forestry and geography).

Blanca Sanz, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Blanca is a Spanish student of the MSc European Forestry at the UEF, Faculty of Forestry. She has a background in forest engineering and GIS.

Against the Nature -game project

Against the Nature is Donkey Kong Country-like 2D platformer game with touch of Bionic Commando

Main characters are armadillo and a snake who must cooperate with their abilities in order to survive against different natural disasters. The target audience is old school platformer game fans who are not afraid of challenge. Majority of our team consists of students of Karelia university of applied sciences. Against the Nature has been under development approximately one year and it’s going to be ready for publishing within another year. Next big milestones for us are finding a publisher and getting visibility in different media sectors.


Olli Ikonen, Robert Karhi, Roope Timonen, Heli Kosunen

Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AgainstTheNaturehttps://www.facebook.com/AgainstTheNature

TerveysMenu - a healthy diet app

A mobile application for a healthy diet.


Minna Komulainen

DTD Design

Design and manufacturing of a Merchant’s Prestige board game. From idea to a prototype to a full product. Special goal is to develop a commercialization process, which circumvents traditional indie-developer roadblocks.


Joni Tanskanen, 2015 graduating industrial design students, Karelia UAS

Janne Puhakka, 2015 graduating graphics design student, PKKY.

SomeVR – reality revisited

Full-scale production process and distribution channel of VR experiences.


Olli Tiilikainen, Pauli Järviluoto

Joensuu Street ART


Paula Kainulainen, Laila Nieminen

Gulgolgoo – Visual acoustics

Competing materials on the market are often hard acoustic elements, which rarely take the visual significance into account. The need for "visually sensible" products is emphasized by the increasing number of private health care companies and new buildings. These often make use of hard structures (concrete, stone, steel, glass) and straight surfaces accompanied with more “architectural” sizes and dimensions. The same is true for the grand single-family houses going along with these trends. These make the placement of the traditional acoustic elements difficult and their appearance no longer corresponds to the present-day visual requirements.

We develop and offer new kinds of woven acoustic materials produced with industrial machinery. Such weaving machinery is rare in post-industrial countries, such as Finland today. In addition, our team possess knowledge, experience and instrumentation in the neighbouring fields such as textile art and printing. The purpose is to weave a variety of materials and properties together into visually attractive textile hybrids whose placement is easy and suitable for the above described areas and need.


Tarmo Nuutinen, PhD, researcher (University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu)

Hanna Hirvonen, BA, entrepreneur (www.hanhi-design.com, Joensuu)

Susanna Kääriäinen, BE, Artisan, CEO (www.kultavilla.fi, Espoo)

Map Service


Ville Mertanen, Otto Tarvainen


Interactive horseback riding coaching diary.


Eeva Nygren

Kids Club Kalevala

Children's play and study ground, in the afternoon. Design founded and built on the Kalevala tale. Decoration, ECO furniture, design made so interesting, that children will be able to explore Finnish / Karelian / Russian culture and also spend great their free time. In this club they will find also audiovisual art. Directed to the Finns, immigrants and foreigners tourists from Russia and their children, the service happens in a different language's.


Viktoriya Korshunova

Vegee okee! mobile app

The Vegee okee mobile app is a vegan's best friend for the grocery run! With Vegee okee you can scan the barcodes of grocery products and the app will check if they're suitable for vegans. The app will come in handy for vegans themselves, as well as their family and friends and everyone else interested in going vegan.


Matti Mononen, programming

Kirsti-Maija Syvänen, graphics